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Wild Duck Cluster  - M11

Wild Duck Cluster - M11

The Wild Duck Cluster (also known as Messier 11, or NGC 6705) is an open cluster in the constellationScutum. It is one of the richest and most compact of the known open clusters, containing about 2900 stars. Its age has been estimated to about 220 million years. Its name derives from the brighter stars forming a triangle which could represent a flying flock of ducks.

Telescope: Officina Stellare Veloce RH200
Mount: Astrophysics Mach1 GTO
Guiding: TS-OAG9 / Lodestar
Camera: ATIK 383L+ Mono
Filters: Baader L-R-G-B-HA
Total Exposure: 3h
Subexposures: LRGB 3min
Location: Mt Parnon

m11Wild DuckCluster