I decided to buy the Nexdome (https://www.nexdome.com) as I wanted a dome structure without paying a thousand of euros to move it to my location. The biggest problem was the dome transportation. Fortunately Nexdome is a modular one and I payed 150 EUR to move it (with DHL road economy) from Germany (astroshop.com) to Southern Greece.  A palette of the whole dome pieces includes everything.

I ordered dome on October and and I got it in my hands late March.

Next thing I had to do was to create a wooden and solid platform to mount the dome. I didn't like concrete as I radiates heat and generates vibrations to the pier.


Construction require at least two people. It is impossible to tie all the pieces by your own in one day. It took me and my father two full days to assemble all these pieces (and find where the hell each one fits). We had to dismount and remount the dome four times! 

There were hardware accessories that were missing (bolts, screws). If you have paid enough money to buy this dome (especially in Europe it is double the cost!! a little bit rip off) you should not experience these forgotten hardware items.  :(

Good news are that dome is perfect regarding water leaks and it's solid at least for my place were there are not too high speed winds. You can securely lock the dome from inside when it is not in use.

Dome turns very easily. A potential issue is the dome shutter which is a little bit stiff. I'll see what I can do to fix this soon.

I haven't bough any automation (motors, rails etc) as I decided to develop it by myself. Stay tuned!

Name of the observatory is Pegasus III

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