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Sharpless 119

Sharpless 119

Sh2-119, or Sharpless 119, is a large complex of emission nebulosity in Cygnus constellation, about 2 degrees east of the North American Nebula. It is located just around 68 Cygni, a quite bright star of magnitude 5. The nebula was catalogued by astronomer S. Sharpless in his famous "Catalogue of HII Regions", published in 1959. Sharpless described it as a large (have an apparent diameter of about 2 degrees) and "bright" nebula. The nebula is crossed by several dark dust lanes and globules, especially on the southern part.

Telescope: Wo FLT98 @ f5 ,Reducer: TRF2008, Camera: ATIK383L+ , Mount: HEQ5 Pro, Filters: Baader LRGB + Ha, Total Exposure: 7h, Location: Gythio-Lakonia