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LDN 1621, LDN 1622, VDB62

LDN 1621, LDN 1622, VDB62

The two dark nebulae (LDN 1621, smaller, near the left border and LDN 1622, much bigger near the center) are projected onto a complex and extensive emission nebulosity known as Barnard's Loop, inside the molecular cloud complex named Orion B. Both nebulae are believed to be 500 light years away, much closer than the bright red hydrogen nebulae that shine behind them from about 1,600 light years.

Telescope: FSQ85
Camera: ATIK 460EX
Filters: Baader Ha + L + RGB (L bin1x2, Ha +RGB bin2x2)
Total exposure: 9h
Location: Near Gythion, Greece

LDN 1621LDN 1622VDB62