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California Nebula - NGC 1944

California Nebula - NGC 1944

The California Nebula (NGC 1499) is an emission nebula located in the constellation of Perseus. It is so named because it appears to resemble the outline of the US State ofCalifornia on long exposure photographs. It is almost 2.5° long on the sky and, because of its very low surface brightness, it is extremely difficult to observe visually. It lies at a distance of about 1,000 light years from Earth. The California Nebula was discovered by E. E. Barnard in 1884.

Telescope: Takahashi BabyQ 85
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro
Camera: QSI 683 Momo
Filters: Astrodon Gen II, LRGB + Ha
Subexposures: 300sec bin1 Lum, 300sec bin2 Color + Ha
Total Exposure: 7h
Location: Mt. Parnon, Greece

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