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Little Cocoon - Sharpless 82

Little Cocoon - Sharpless 82

Sharpless 82 is a small emission nebula, surrounded by a spectral blue reflection nebula. These two nebulas lie ahead a vast and variegated dark cloud of dust, shaped like a eagle wing, that absorbe the light from distant stars. The whole complex takes place in the small Sagitta constellation.

Telescope: Officina Stellare RH200 @ f/3
Mount: Astrophysics Mach1 GTO
Camera: QSI 683+ Mono
Filters: Astrodon LRGB
Total Exposure: ~ 4h (L:120 / R:30 / G:30: B:40 )
Location: Elikonas Mt. Greece

Little CocoonSharpless 82SH282