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LBN 534, VDB 158

LBN 534, VDB 158

LBN 534 is an isolated and elongated molecular cloud in the constellation of Andromeda.. Either shock fronts from a supernova or ionization fronts from a massive star could have caused the shape of this cloud as well as the spatial distribution of young stars. The blue reflection nebula, vdB 158, is located at the southern end of the cloud. The nearby bright B9.5V star, HD 222142, illuminates VdB 158.
Thanks to Alex for his camera and mount contribution
Telescope: Tak BabyQ ED85 @450mm
Mount: EQ6
Camera ATIK 460
Filters: Baader LRGB
Exposure: 4h (well , this is what we have..)
Location: Mt Parnon, Greece @ 1430m

LBN 534VDB 158