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The Rho Ophiuchi

The Rho Ophiuchi

The Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex is a dark nebula of gas and dust that is located 1° south of the star ρ Ophiuchi of the constellation Ophiuchus. This cloud covers an angular area of 4.5° × 6.5° on the celestial sphere. The distance from the Earth is about 400 million light years.Image taken in Mt Parnon at 1420m from 4 members of AstroVox Astrophotography Team and it is mosaic of 4 parts. Participated in Project Angel Kechagias, Farmakopoulos Antonis, Evangelos Souglakos, Dagioglou Elias and Stella Soultou which provided her telescope in order to have the same focus.Processing of the whole data set was made by Angelos Kechagias (

Telescopes: TS APO65Q 65/420 f6,5 - Astro-Tech APO65Q 65/420 f6,5 - TS Individual ED APO 70/420mm f,6 - TeleVue NP 101is με TV Focal Reducer f4,5EQ Mounts: 2 Sky Watcher EQ6 Pro & 2 HEQ5 ProCameras: QHY9 KAF 8300 mono CCD,2 QHY9 , ATIK 383L, SBIG ST-8300Filters / Exposure time: L 80x600 sec bin 1x , RGB 48x300 bin 2xTotal Exposure Time: 40 ~ Hours