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Sombrero Galaxy - M104

Sombrero Galaxy - M104

The Sombrero Galaxy (also known as Messier Object 104, M104 or NGC 4594) is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellationVirgo located 28 megalight-years (8,600 kpc) from Earth. It has a bright nucleus, an unusually large central bulge, and a prominent dust lane in its inclined disk. The dark dust lane and the bulge give this galaxy the appearance of a sombrero. Astronomers initially thought that the halo was small and light, indicative of a spiral galaxy. But Spitzer found that halo around the Sombrero Galaxy is larger and more massive than previously thought, indicative of a giant elliptical galaxy.. The large bulge, the central supermassive black hole, and the dust lane all attract the attention of professional astronomers.

Telescope: GSO – RC10
Camera: ATIK 4000
Mount: Astrophysics Mach1 GTO
Filters: LRGB
Total exposure: 7h
Localtion : Near Gythion Lakonia / Greece